Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Food for the Dogs at the MAS!

A report I got from a friend who volunteers at the Memphis Animal Shelter..

“As recently as this Saturday, July 11, the shelter was full to capacity and ran out of food. An employee was trying to stretch the supply by offering one small portion in one dish to a cage of several animals. Of course there was dog fighting. I was told the supervisor in charge ate potato chips while volunteers fretted about how to get more food in  before the shelter closed for the day. I hope some board members are aware of this situation.  The details are shocking, negligence is worse than ever there.”

To call the Memphis Animal Shelter and voice your concerns..
Call Tina at 901.363.1416 who is Ernie Alexander's assistant who is out today and I was told to talk to Mary.  Ernie Alexander is the Director of the Shelter.  

This is INSANE..animals should not be treated like this!!!

Update: An email was received by a friend of mine from Ernie Alexander who states that this was not a problem and there is food for all the dogs now. They were overcrowded this weekend due to several impoundments.  The advisory board for the MAS is meeting now and I will update if this indeed is the case. So it does not hurt to call and voice any concern you have with this situation.

If you don't live in Memphis, to explain there are several issue with our local government and this shelter. Animal are very low on the totem pool here when it comes to pass law for them. There have been some improvements, but in my opinion, until a spay or neuter law gets passes, there will be too many dogs euthanized in our city. One dog put down for overcrowding is too many in my opinion. Again, I am told the number is 36 dogs a day are euthanized due to overcrowding and funding for shelters. 


Princess said...

Ugh...not cool, do you live close? If I donated some $$ can food be bought?

Kembree said...

The city runs this shelter. I think the Director and his assistant need to get a bunch of calls about this. When I called the lady said they have the 'food thing' under control. But the volunteers are the eyes and ears for that place..unfortunately since 36 dogs are put down a day there, I cant volunteer there. I know its terrible and I should, but its really emotionally tough..If everyone would call and leave messages for the Director, hopefully he will get the idea..that is what I was instructed to do..

Kembree said...

And, Thanks for your concern!

Princess said...

Thanks Kembree, I'll give them a call.

Percy said...

I would gladly share my Gravy Bones, but I live in England.

Kembree said...

Thanks Percy..just send your positive thoughts..The South is just not the place for homeless animals..

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

thanx for the concern and help - we have the smae problems in NY with our shelters - i run a rescue and get food donated to us by several companies that i give to our shelters.

Woodrow Sweetie & MJ