Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friday Before the 4th

I was really bummed. We didn't have any 4th of July plans. I wanted to go to the beach with our friends Melvin and Leslie, but all the rooms we found in Destin were 2 bedrooms and no one would go with us. It would have been silly to pay for a 2 bedroom, and Tony was being the adult and convincing me that we needed to save up for the 5 trips we already have planned this fall. So..I agreed to hang out here and just do some fun things. Friday we hung out at the CAC pool for a couple hours, Tony found him a nice big umbrella to hang out under. After about 2 hours of sun, he decided to get some Taco Bell and for some reason I ordered a Taco, but still got a Vivanno at Starbucks. We were to run the Firecracker 5k and both of us were kinda hurting from the night before (NKOTB and his night with the guys) and now we were really hurting with this Taco randomness. We got to the race and didn't think we would make it, but we did. I actually ran in under 32 minutes, which is better than my past 3 5k's. Of course they clocked me over 33 minutes, so much for those timing chips that ARE NOT accurate. 

After running we went and picked up Andrea and Shannon and watched the fireworks in their neighborhood, The Lakes of Cordova. Pretty good show considering it was just for the Cordova area in a neighborhood. I have a good 'fireworks' setting on my camera and that is what I used..

After the fireworks we went to TJ Mulligan's and had some good convo on the patio. 


Emily said...

Those are the coolest pics of the fireworks!!! That's awesome camera work.

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

awesome firework pics


Toni said...

Love the pics of the fireworks. You should print and frame those!

NYCKitten said...

Hey girl...wanted to let you know that I might be pulling a beautiful pit named Kendra and plan on renaming her Kembree - needed to switch it to something simliar and thought of your name!! =) Also some good karma there!

Kembree said...

I'm so flattered a Pittie named after me!! :)