Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm on a Boat!

So we were sitting out by the pool at the Fontainbleau and ERay calls and says, do ya'll wanna go out on Bo's boat? Well of course..who passes up going out on the intercoastal on a boat in Miami? So off we were..I didn't know I was going to be over 10 years older than all the girls on board, they were a lot of fun and kept the party going, but gosh, they made me feel OLD!! I remember being 21 and taking 'booty shot' pictures in my bikini and drinking like there is no tomorrow, but I haven't let loose like that in awhile. 

Tony looking for Oprah's house on Fischer Island. Where is it?

Had to jump in the water, stayed in for a while until Tony said, "Watch out for that manatee". Can't imagine one of those rubbing up to me! ewww..cute, yes they are, but, ewww..

I did participate in this was harmless..

And pretended to drive the boat..

Bo and Sadie looked so comfy and cozy out there..They were the best host and hostess EVER..

I don't know what I did to deserve this wonderful foot rub from Tony! Wow it was amazing!!!

So after running out of beer, everyone kept talking about stopping at Jimbo's. This is what the place looked like when you pull up to it off the water. It's like a spot to pick up beer when you run out and sometimes they serve smoked fish, but didnt that day.  And I found they have a website, so it is totally not a hole in the wall really when they have a nice website right? I found out they film movies there and videos, models do photoshoots there, pretty cool spot..we were actually on Virginia Key there.

Apparently there are a lot of feral cats in the area of Jimbo's. This guy I was told was dumped here with a broken front leg and it had healed a little crooked. But they say he is the sweetest little boy and he let us rub on him. He was a sweetie. 

So this 'inhabitant' wanted to take pictures of me and Tony and decided to be our photographer..he kept posing us and posing us. I can't believe Tony went for it. I'm always game to pretend I'm ANTM but, this was crazy, the poor guy didn't have any teeth, but he sure knew how to work it!

I swear I felt like my belly looked like this..this guy was in a trance with that string thing he kept playing with. 

The girls so wanted to take these little feral kittens home. But I think they are taken care of well there around Jimbo's

So right when we are coming back the Coast Guard 'pulls us over'...thank goodness it was just a routine stop, but they rode back with us for fun! Overall a great day on the water..


Lauren said...

you and Tony are very photogenic. Toothless guy must have been a pro.

forsythia said...

Waaah. Where is the promised "Persian Pit Bull?" Old. Child, you're NOT old.

Kembree said...

I AM the Persian Pit Bull Forsythia..

Toni said...

That's an interesting place! You guys look great in the pics!