Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are you famous??

This is pretty funny. This swarm of kids ran up to us and thought Tony was famous. We saw them run up to Kellen Winslow, then they decided to come try Tony and find out "Who he was..". I missed the best part, they kept asking, what's your name?, who are you? are you famous? Then if you watch about :53 seconds, I say something about us not being famous and the girl in the pink, says, "We are not talking to you". Ha! bc obviously I am not famous..Tony joked, its racial profiling, bc they ran up to every black guy at the pool, there were a lot of athletes there, but it was just funny...we had fun with it. 


Toni said...

Wow...I guess she told you. I thought it was funny that not long after that you said something like "you guys have a good day" AKA...move on to someone else. I love it!

Oh, to be a kid again and have the luxury of saying whatever is on your mind no matter how rude or inappropriate. Those were the days!

Kembree said...

Yes, they were cute, but Tony obviously has more patience than I do!