Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saturday, 4th of July Peabody Rooftop Fireworks

So Saturday night, the 4th of July, we went to the Peabody Rooftop Party to catch two firework shows. Jennifer and Ernie were up there along with Alicia and some of their other friends. Jessica and her Folks Folly buddies were up there too. Ingram Hill was the band that was playing, but even after hearing several of their songs, I still didn't know who they were!? Oh, well, it was still a patriotic night with good people :) Jennifer is the coolest mommy to be, I mean she's due in days, but still hanging strong with us!

Don't you love the guy in the cowboy hat behind me!? He's so "Proud to be an American".

More cool fireworks pictures, they do look cool on this black background. I only got one set, the other fireworks were not so good and kinda too low to get good pictures. 

Whenever we get home from a night out (and maybe a few drinks) I love to take pictures with the dogs. I know they are thinking "What is wrong with our parents, they come home all crunk and loving on us??" I'm always like, "Tony take my picture with Lennox/Lane". 

My new profile pic after I had me and Lane forever, gotta even it out. 


Emily said...

That looked like it was going to be a fun party, on the rooftop. We went to a friends house instead, I sort of wish we had done the Peabody thing though. Great pics!

megany09 said...

Good photos and really cute outfit! If the worst thing you do after having a few drinks is take a bunch of photos with your dogs, I think you're A-okay.

Princess said...

Love your dress, it's super cute! Where's it from?

Kembree said...

Thanks all, I am outta town, but I will let you know who made the dress..I got it at a local boutique called Indigo..

Princess said...

hmm..that doesn't help me in TX...thanks though, looks cute on you!

Kembree said...

Ok, that dress was Y apparel usa, I'm not even sure what that is about, but that is what the tag says..