Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can't have my nails looking bad...

Went out with the girls last week to celebrate my engagement and to of course get our nails done. I can't be showing my ring and my nails looking bad. Brooke brought me my own special glass (I'll call it my Pimp Cup) and the rest of the girls brought some great champagne. We had such a good time, so glad Clipps let us bring in the bubbly!! So glad they could all make it..thanks Kelly and Andrea for getting it together. And yes, Jennifer had Emma 1 week ago and still made it out..and with two bottles of champagne!

After our Mani/Pedi's we went to Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen and dined on some delicious food. They have just updated their menu for the season and it is fabulous. I really recommend the ravioli and the AM salad, which were on the old menu, but the other girls were going nuts over the Caprese salad. And the Shortbread cookie dessert..YUM!! Such a wonderful night with the girls..and Michael :) Thanks so much all of you for celebrating with me, I had a wonderful time! 

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