Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gibson 5k and Alexis Grace Mini Concert with Elmo and the Shades

Saturday was the 13th annual Gibson Guitar 5k. It is always a huge race, and this year there were over 1500 people that participated. I had a crazy morning, did two Jazzercise classes and slammed my left hand in my car door, I don't know if those account for not a good run, but let's blame it on that and the extreme heat anyway.  Tony came up for support and to be the photographer. The race was packed and at one point I got choked when a runner behind be grabbed (I hope accidentally) my iPod headphones and almost pulled me down. I have such the luck. The highlight Saturday night was the Mini Concert by Alexis Grace of American Idol fame. I even paid the donation to get my picture with her. I look enormous next to her petite frame. She said she would check out my blog, so here's a shout out to her if she actually does! :) Hey if anyone can give me tips on how to turn the video over so Alexis is not singing on her side, PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know. I still feel new at this! :)


Michelle said...

The run looked fun - it always is. As far as help with your video, you may try one of these help websites:



Almost every question I've had I was able to figure out with help from one or the other, though sometimes it took a lot of research on my part. Good luck.

Kembree said...

Ok, Thanks Michelle!

Emily said...

I just saw in the Flyer that she's coming to Senses sometime soon :)