Friday, June 5, 2009

Go Ahead, Commit Me

I'm Addicted. Yep, addicted to my Blackberry. Straight out of a movie scene yesterday after meeting Courtney and Brett at Little Persia for lunch, I ran in Marshall's to check out if they had anything cute in. The rain picks up, my phone rings, I answer, the umbrella flips inside out, I step in a HUGE puddle, I'm soaking wet. I get off the phone, shop around Marshall's, found some cute blue shoes (never know when you will need some :) and got back in the car. Left Courtney a message to check out the cute workout clothes they just got in and then my phone screen when black. OMG! What happened? I got home tried to get Tony to 'fix' it. Took the battery out to let the phone dry out.  Well it still wouldn't work, so off to Sprint technical support store. WARNING: DO NOT EVER ENTER THE "SPRINT" STORE ON GERMANTOWN PARKWAY NEXT TO ROY GOOD APPLIANCE AND EYES FOR YOU. The employees are IDIOTS. Explained to the girl behind the counter wearing a toboggan in June and 80 degrees weather and she said they would check out what was wrong. She called me back up and said, "It is fixed, here you go". Looked at my phone, that still wouldn't turn on, I guess she noticed the sour look on my face and said, "Wait a sec, that's right you had water damage, we can't fix it". They goes to explain to me that I would have to buy a new Blackberry for $550 if I wanted it replaced. I don't wanna pay $550!! She then explained that I could call customer service and get them to move up my 'upgrade date' and I could get it for $200 and a $100 rebate. I sit on the phone, blah, blah, they say ok, sure. Hand the phone to Toboggan Girl and she says ok talk to R, he sells the phones. Then announces she is going on break. R was outside on a personal call on his cell, so when he comes in he tries to pull up my account, but guess what!?!? He doesn't see that I can get it for the cheaper price and we are back at square one.  So...we make phone calls, you name it, but we are back at $550 and Toboggan Girl is at lunch. So, I try to get the manager who isn't any better and is trying to help some guy hook up a Boost mobile phone and really doesn't want to help me. I ask her for a loner phone. No loner phone in the store nothing. I call Tony on their land line and tell him he must come up or I might commit a crime in this store. I am trying to explain to them that I run my business out of my phone. No one cares...Tony shows up, asks the same questions and says "let's get outta here." So we leave the four employees to try to get the Boost Mobile phone on. We run by the storage, try to find and old phone that I can get activated and no luck. Lennox had chewed up a few of my phones and the rest were embarrassingly OLD. So I decide I am going to the Sprint store that I normally go to on Germantown by WalMart. Walk in, greeted by a pretty dark haired girl who I explain the situation. She looks at my phone, says there is no apparent water damage and orders me a NEW phone, says it will be at my house on Saturday and told me she had a loner phone for me. Thanks Mary Ann bilingual specialist. This girl had me a loner phone and a new Blackberry ordered in 10 minutes! I was at the other store for 3 hours! 

I am addicted to my Blackberry and WOULD NOT be without it longer than these couple of days. I don't know how if you have had a Blackberry, how you function without one. I was going to do whatever I had to so to make sure I had one ordered. How do people go without phones? INSANE I tell ya.  Having this random flip phone is crazy, I feel like I am outta the loop of life.I'm a technology queen! Yep, I'm addicted, commit me to Blackberry Rehab. 


Emily said...

I have an iphone and I feel the same way! I'm glad it worked out, other than the mess with the girl in the winter hat :) I almost went crazy in a Pier 1 store once, so I feel ya.

Angy said...

I can relate - I could not imagine life without my it. We lovingly refer to it as my Crackberry. I am always amazed at how different service is from store to store. Glad you finally got the service you deserved from the beginning. Sprint ticked me off so bad that I paid to cancel their service and switched to Verizon.