Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lane the Lightening Bug Killer!

We had a great Saturday. I did two Jazzercise classes back to back. There is a promotion to do 60 classes (with a teammate) in 2 months and you get a REALLY cute pink and white polka dot bag with makeup case. So Courtney and I are really trying to make sure that we get it. I usually only go to Jazzercise 3 times a week, but I'm going more now. Tony played basketball with Brett and Shannon for about 3 hours, so we both got a good workout that morning. Thursday a shelf in my garage broke and the file cabinets where I keep one of my clients files were on top of it and fell and also broke. So I had paperwork all over the garage floor. So on top of the phone drama, I had this happen. It made me go through all the paperwork and reorganize that. I got most of it done yesterday afternoon, but some of it is still on the dining room table. And no, still no Blackberry, but I tracked it and will get it tomorrow. I swear I do not know how people text on phones that don't have keyboards. I sent a couple back when I got texts, but that's it. If you don't have a phone like a Blackberry or iPhone, you are missing out! 

We went and saw The Hangover yesterday and it was soooooooo funny! GO SEE IT! I mean this is going to be one of those classics that everyone refers to. So many great lines and hilarious moments.  Makes me not want Tony to have a Bachelor Party! After the movie we went to Osaka and afterwards had some wine in the backyard.  It was the wine I got at the Big Orange Caravan silent auction. It was a pretty good Merlot. It had a great orange label and was called Screw Kappa Napa, and yep had a screw top. The weather was perfect and we had the best night just watching the dogs play and listing to music on our iPod.  Lane we discovered kills Lightening bugs! He catches them in his mouth spits them out and then paws at them while they flash and die. So sad...He did this for hours and it was hilarious, yet sad. I feel like I'm getting old sometimes bc that was a perfect night, a bottle of wine, cool evening and our dogs. 

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Emily said...

I love that wine! I've heard that even the best brands have stopped using corks, due to health safety reasons (so much bacteria can live in the cork I guess). I've started to notice more and more screw tops on wine. Not that I'm buying any expensive wine, but so I've heard :)

I cannot wait to see that movie. It looks hilarious!