Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stalking Phil Mickelson at the St. Jude Golf Tournament

Brett invited Tony and I over to watch the St. Jude Golf Tournament from his parent's house on the 18th hole at Southwind on Sunday.  They had the best covered patio ever. Fans, wine, beer, a breeze, what more could you want?  I didn't even really want to get up and watch any, but we decided to walk from hole to hole and watch Phil Mickelson. The homes are gorgeous along the golf course and the weather was actually really nice from the rain showers earlier in the day.  

The guys were so embarrassed that I asked someone to take this picture of us four. Tony is acting like he doesn't even know me and I totally spilled my glass of wine on me during this. Yes, I was walking around the course with some Rose'. Hey, but wasn't my outfit totally "golfy"??

So after about 4 holes, yep, my shoe falls apart. How embarrassing that I had to walk around the rest of the day with my shoe flapping along the course?? Thanks adidas!

Phil tees off, yep we are pretty much stalking him at this point. Hey, let's go ahead and say it was the guys actually doing the stalking. 

Brett's mom has the cutest French Bulldogs, I have already said if one walks though the Humane Society doors, I'm adopting it! :) They would be the perfect size to keep up with my big boys, but small enough to handle. I think I am obsessed with all the Bully breeds!


Emily said...

oh! I love french bulldogs!!!

I'm sort of sorry I didn't go to the tourney, I like Phil.

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

that frenchie is so adorable

Deb -

Michelle said...

What a Cutie Patootie Little Frenchman! Sounds like you were in a prime location for the tournament.

Brett said...

Great Day!!! To bad you didn't get any pics from dinner afterwards.

Kembree said...

I know, Osaka Collierville was very good. I think the whole shoe thing threw me off from my usual picture taking self!