Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tony's 28th Birthday at Rain

We had a fabulous time Friday night at Rain for Tony's 28th birthday. We have a WONDERFUL group of friends that came out to celebrate with us. Tony isn't a huge birthday celebration person, but I know it really meant a lot to him that everyone that cared about him came out. Friday night was a busy night in Memphis, there was so much going on, so we both appreciate all who changed plans and came out. Thanks Friends! Rain let us sit in the back behind the curtain in the back area,  but its always crazy planning a party and trying to get all the RSVPs and making sure all our guests are having fun. Not all our friends know eachother, but I think most do now and its fun introducing everyone. I learn every time I do this, some people don't come when they say they are..but I guess there is nothing you can do about it. I stress myself out about it sometimes. I am a big planner, organizer-type. I just appreciate everyone that did come. All I can do is make sure I show up when I say I will and be a good hostess at my events.  I just had to make sure everyone that is there has fun, and I think they all did! And to make sure Tony the birthday boy had a good night. He did make me talk to the DJ when he was playing a ton of lounge music and forgetting about the hip-hop :)

Brooke is thinking, "I can't believe Ray ordered all this sushi!"

The first Sake Bomb with Mike

Bringing out the cake. Julie spent a lot of time on this beautiful cake. It was so detailed just for Tony. She did a checkerboard orange and white top and a surgical table with a patient on one of the tables Tony sells for OSI. 

Make a good wish Tony!

Everyone loves the cake that Julie made. Tony was just discovering all the detail on it. 

She went on the OSI website and copied the actual Allegro bed that Tony sells to hospitals :) So detailed...

Randy and Diane brought Tony some cigars back from New Orleans. Tony is all about filling up the humidor these days.

Some delicious rum from Courtney and Dana, wow a gift I get to use as well, I like those kinds of gifts! :) They are always there for the parties...

Harbor Towners Brooke and Ray may the far trek out to Cordova to celebrate with us. She even beat me to pictures on her blog of Tony's birthday! 

Matt and Tami at their third party of the evening still made it in time to join in the celebration, we really appreciated being on their busy schedule. 

Melvin and Leslie came to hang out with us and Tony became one of Melvin's State Farm clients the next day! Melvin has the best rates in town :)  (Sounds like a good advertisement huh?)

Ben and Jessica love to come to Rain with us. Ben knows all the Asian languages and can order in them there!

Tony, Greg and Avery stay til the very end of the party. Sake Bombs, Sake Bombs, Sake Bombs..

Cake Couture Julie! We both were kinda pooping out by this time..

Our second stop was the new remodeled TJ Mulligan's it was wonderful. I love all the new changes. Cheers with a Birthday Cake Shot! 

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Emily said...

Happy bday to Tony! Looks like you had a great time, that cake is awesome. I have GOT to try this Rain place!! I was even in Cordova the other weekend but didn't think to go look for it.