Monday, June 22, 2009

Arnold's, Stop #16 on the BBQ Tour

Arnold's Bar-B-Q
6721 E. Shelby Drive
Visited on Friday May 22, 2009
Diane's Birthday

Kembree's Review: I liked Arnold's. I had called ahead and learned that they started out in Whitehaven, then moved out to this location and now have a new location back in Whitehaven. I spoke with Pam the owner and she assured me that this was authentic Memphis bbq since 1983 and was very surprised I had not heard of their restaurant. The sandwich was good, moist and had great sweetness of flavor. The sweet tea was also very sweet and good. It was served out of a large jar, which made it seem very Southern and authentic.
I give the sandwich a 3.5 out of 5 just for averageness. I did like that this was a woman ran bbq joint and I don't recall us visiting one like that yet.

Courtney's Review: I can't believe there are so many BBQ places in Memphis that I have never heard of...Arnolds being one of them. I had the pork sandwich
with mild sauce. The meat was fine, nothing wrong with it but nothing special either. I liked the sauce but it was very sweet. I should have asked them for some hot sauceto mix with it. The service was great. Both Pams were very friendly and made sure we had everything we needed.

Brett's Review: Arnold's BBQ has two locations though they aren't both listed online. After a brief visit to their Elvis Presley blvd. location I was off to the Shelby dr. spot for a little lunch. I ordered a BBQ sandwich fries and a sweet tea. When the extremely nice lady behind the counter turned to get my sweet tea I noticed she was pouring it out of a plastic gallon jug with a screw top lid. I can't explain the excitement I felt when I saw that. I knew it was gonna be some damn good sweet tea and the second that liquid candy touched my lips my suspicions were confirmed. Mmmmm, I love good sweet tea. Oh yea, the BBQ was pretty good too. Nothing special but not bad at all. 3.5:5 for me.

Randy's Review: I'll remember Arnold's as Diane's birthday party venue. They were very cooperative and helpful in every way. The restaurant is small but seemingly very clean. The menu was extensive and I chose the barbecue turkey sandwich. It was actually smoked breast meat that was not processed. It was very moist with a good tangy sauce. I took advantage of the lunch special which consisted of sandwich, chips, and drink. After 2 attempts to score a bag of chips that were not out of date I gave up on that portion of the lunch special. This was an average
bbq restaurant worthy of a drop by if in that area.

Diane's Review: Arnold's was an average barbeque restaurant. I had the sandwich. The sandwich was adequate and I ate it. It had too much sauce on it. I would give the place a 3. The best thing about Arnold's was my birthday party. It was great to be with everyone on my birthday. The gifts and the cheesecake were great.

Tony's Review: I had the ribs plate with slaw and beans. The ribs were actually really good.

I don't think that they were smoked, I think they were baked, then grilled, butI didn't mind it this time. The slaw and beans were good as well, just average, I did like the sauce too. The service was great. I don't remember exact details on flavor or seasoning, so that isn't a great sign, but I don't remember anything bad, so, I give Arnold's a 3 out of 5.

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