Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pelham, Boleyn, Ninja Proposal

Saw 4 movies recently, 2 in the theatre and 2 at home. We have EVERY movie channel, so..I have to Tivo anything that sounds good to make sure we get our money's worth :)

Great action movie. Denzel isn't very attractive in the movie like he usually is, but John Travolta plays a mean guy well. I think its worth seeing, but a little long in parts and some scenes could have been deleted, but the movie is already short as it is..

OMG! Why did I not see this when it first came out!? Tony and I both loved it. Its based on a true story and the acting is amazing. Eric Bana is hot as the King! ..and its some crazy family drama, this story could totally be told in 2009 and made current. 

Ok, yes we watched Ninja Cheerleaders! When I Tivoed it I read Trishelle's name and thought, what the heck, let's see what this is. Well its 3 college freshman that are cheerleaders and strip so they can get money to go to a better college, and at night they are ninjas. Bad acting, stupid story line, but like a train wreck we kept watching! 

Love, love, loved The Proposal! Not a chick flick! Totally hilarious, we both loved it. Oscar from the Office is in it and steals the show, Sandra Bullock is totally hilarious too and Ryan Reynolds gets practically naked and looks super hot! 

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Princess said...

Loved the proposal too when I saw it!! Just cracked up half the time and can't wait to see it again.

I'm definitely going to go rent The Other Boleyn Girl soon.
~P's Mom