Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheers Lakers!

We went up to Skimo's on Thursday night to watch Game 4. I had a Blueberry Bunny Slope Martini ( I think that's what it was). Sunday night we watched the Lakers take the championship on our couches at home. Congrats former Grizzlies player Pau Gasol!! Who knew Pau had all that in him? It sucked hearing over and over what a steal the Lakers got for him, heck one of the guys we got is out of the NBA! ugh! The other is traded away and the other is a coach! So much for getting the good end of the trade Grizz!


Emily said...

I agree!! I went to the Lakers game here earlier this season and they showed this video of Pau, like a "Thank for the memories" type of thing. Half the crowd was booing. It was embarassing! He's a great player and no one should blame him for wanting to leave Memphis and get on a real team that has a chance to win the championship (sorry Grizzlies).

sammy said...

go spurs!! they'll be back!