Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tony's Comments on the First Night of DWTS

Ok, so I got Tony to watch because fellow St. Thomas Aquinas alum, Michael Irvin is on there. We are currently watching the first episode from last night...the men..

When the show opens they show the whole cast...
"How the heck is he gonna dance with big ass Macy Gray?"

Donny Osmond predance segment
"Is his sister the lady off So You Think You Can Dance?" ahhh, no that is Mary Murphy

Donny Osmond performing..
"Are they dancing to church music?" ahhhh, no..All that Jazz?
"Why the heck are the Jackson people there?"
"Is that Jermaine? They are popping up everywhere!"

On Cheryl Burke and Tom Delay..
"She doesn't like him very much"
"I bet this is going to be good"

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