Thursday, September 10, 2009

Circa turns 2, Kembree turns 33

When I first moved to Memphis my relationship with Tony was long distance. My birthday falls right before football season when camp is just ending. So I was always boyfriendless on my bday. I really had to depend on my girls for a good birthday celebration. We used to go to the Peabody rooftop on Thursdays so Thursdays on my birthday became a tradition. This year my birthday celebration ended up a little smaller, some guys wanted to come, so we started the night at Circa who has celebrating their '2nd birthday' with an open bar and tons of appetizers all complimentary!  My type of night for sure! :) Ernie was the lone guy,( but didnt make it into any pictures at Circa.)  More pictures to come from the next spot. I did get a VERY INTESTING come on line/invitation from a guy that I know through another friend..but really don't know.."I'd like to lick you like a lollipop!". Ummm no thanks sweaty shirt guy..gross!! 


Damie said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for your support and awesome comments on my blog;) It was funny when my sister called me last night to say that she knows you...such a small world!

Kembree said...

It is!! Small World! What you did was amazing!! Shake all those haters off! hehehe