Monday, September 28, 2009

Fuelish Pleasures

Ok, so I am on my way to a mayoral debate at the library (more on that later) and I realize I'm almost out of gas. So I stop at the gas station at Kroger on Trinity. I'm talking to Brooke about the Ole Miss game when some man jumps out of his truck yelling, "You are going to blow up everyone!!" I'm thinking, "Is he talking to me!?" Well, yes he was, he continued to yell, "Stupid Bitch, get off the phone, you are going to blow everyone up, get off the phone selfish girl". I have no clue what he is talking about, but then quickly think back to a stupid email that I got saying that talking on the phone can cause friction and blow up something. Then I think to myself, who believes this crap?  Then I realize this crazed man in my face does!! Well I have a major temper, so with Brooke on the phone, I begin to yell back at him, "You stupid uneducated idiot!, That is a old wives tale, that does not happen!" So we go back and forth for a minute with none of the bystanders doing ANYTHING. Brooke must think that I am crazy, and she gets off the phone with me. Well this man continues to yell saying, "Its on the pump, read the pump", I am trying to check out the pump while not being obvious, and there is nothing about being on a cell phone. By this time the man and his wife pull off.  I don't even know if they got gas, I guess they thought I might blow them up. Well Courtney calls me around this time and she looks it up on snopes and yep, its FALSE. What a jerk to verbally attack me over some stupid email rumor!!

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Michelle said...

Geez - I would have clocked him for saying "bitch". Sorry that happened, people can be irrational. Even if there is a risk, screaming at you and calling you names is, it should go without saying, unacceptable and never the way to approach someone. Sounds like this guy has some misplaced agression. I'm looking forward to your report on the meeting last night - I was unable to attend.