Monday, September 21, 2009

Been engaged 2 months now..

OMG, it has flown by...much, much respect to the brides that can plan a wedding in about 6 months.  I really have NOTHING set in stone yet. We went to Knoxville during Labor Day weekend and looked at so many places. We really narrowed it down.  I am really just ready to decide and pick a place. It is just that there are so many things you have to decide. If we do it outdoors, the weather is a big factor, and most of the places we looked out for outdoor weddings, were pretty far out and should we expect all of our out of town guests to drive that far in search of a place I could barely find? Plus, the outdoor places were a lot more expensive to rent, not including a tent for a back up. And most of those large homes that we would rent really are not in the Knoxville area where I want my out of town guests to see. I am really proud of my city and love it. Plus Tony and I met on campus, in the downtown area. So that is weighing a lot on us. 

I think once we get the place and if we need a caterer, some include a caterer, I will feel more secure. I'm really ready to have the date and to send out a Save the Date for everyone. We are forsure looking at July 2010. 

I have subscribed to some bridal magazines and I have those, so that is exciting. And I love checking out all the bridal blogs. There are soo many great ideas! 


The Ritters said...

Scott and I felt the exact same way! We ended up having it at Crescent Bend - Armstrong Lockett House in May. It's right next to campus on Cumberland. I don't remember how many it could accomodate, but we planned on 250 guests. We had a caterer who does many gigs at the house and they were able to work with the rental company on what we needed since they had so much experience and I didn't. Let me know if you need any information. There's also the Bleak house down the street, but I don't think you can serve alcohol.

Toni said...

It will all work out and will be beautiful!

Kembree said...

Thanks Toni, Jessica, I love Crescent Bend, but my sister got married there! And its about 250 max as well as Bleak House. I might have decided on a place and I will update soon :)

Princess said...

I'm sorry i'm just now stopping by for the first time in a while, but it'll all come together! If I can do this in less than 6 you can do in the amount of time you have.

We are getting it done, surely but slowly, you never realize how much there is until you do it. And if you can get a place that does the catering that's great! We are having to interview caterers and it's a pain!

Good luck with it all there are lots of great ideas and places out there you just have to look.