Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Outhouse!?!

So yesterday we met a guy about a fence ;) for our new house that we are purchasing in Lakeland. Let me tell you dog lovers, we totally do everything for our two precious pooches! First off I couldn't get my mind off of this house when we initially saw it bc of the great piece of land it is on. Its on under an acre, but backs up to 70 acres of wooded land. Yes of course my number one on our list was no neighbor behind us. Mainly....because of Lennox and Lane. I wanted them to have tons of space to run around and not having a neighbor behind us allows for less barking, etc. We currently have a NBU (neighbor behind us) that has a pool and all you see is him cleaning and that big long pool cleaning thing poking up and down. Lennox and Lane hate this!! So let's eliminate all problems and not have a NBU. 

So back to the guy about a fence...Jack is our fence guy. We instantly had a bond the first time he came out when I found out he was in animal rescue. Not only dog rescue, but Pit Bull rescue and horse rescue! He lives on an old Greyhound training farm in Arkansas and always has dogs dumped off. We instantly bonded when he talked about Pit Bulls. And of course he is the man to build our fence because he know how agile our boys are. We currently have a 6 foot shadow box fence and I have seen Lennox almost clear it and Lane getting super close. We were initially going with one kind of material, now we are going with steel. Try to bend that boys! 

So we are walking the back part of the property and discover none other than and OUTHOUSE.  Yes friends, we live in Tennessee, but an outhouse is seldom used in my vocabulary!! Well we have one that could be on our property. We wanted to bring the fence out a little more unlike the current little 3 foot one that the previous owners have left us. Problem is, it might get in the way of this outhouse!! 

OMG, so today I called the city of Lakeland and they sent a super nice man named James out to inspect it. He said it does indeed need to go, but now we have to figure out if it is soon to be OUR outhouse or the people who own all that land. 

Whew..why can't things be simple for us so I can just focus my extra time on the fun wedding stuff!?! No..I have to deal with an outhouse. I have to go back out and get pictures to post!! 


Toni said...

At least the sellers didn't charge you extra for the outhouse!

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

Good luck with the new property and outhouse removal - our fence guy has Jack Russell Terriers that actually travel with him - when he arrived to give us our estimate we knew he was the one to build our fence too

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ