Friday, September 11, 2009

33=3 Cakes

So, a big thank you to Julie who made me 3 birthday cakes for my birthday this year! We had discussed a flavor I had read on a wedding blog, Key Lime, but she topped that by making a Strawberry (an Alpha Chi favorite) and an Almond! As always I highly recommend Julie for cakes for any type celebration. Contact me or leave me a comment and your email if you want Julie's contact info for a cake at your next event! Thanks JULIE!! (and Greg, who I know help roll some of that fondant!!) 

Shannon had lots of fun molding the fondant that was left over...


Heideh said...

Hello there, I'm a Persian American gal and I've just moved to Collierville from a lifetime of living in Los Angeles with my husband and kids -- needless to say, it's a bit of a change :)

I was wondering if you can refer me to any Persian stores or resources...or just any cool places that a newbie wouldn't come across at first glance.

Great site by the way, nice to see that I'm not the only Persian girl in town!
thanks much,

Kembree said...

Hey Welcome to Memphis. I live in Cordova, so not so far, there is a Persian owned cafe/deli near me on Dexter called Kabob Intl or Little Persia. We used to have a restaurant, Caspian, it closed. Marciano's is Persian owned, but its more of a Mediterranian/Italian. As for supplies there are a few middle eastern spice stores I can look up for you. I only really use sumac or saffron and have unlimited in my pantry and get the basmati from Kroger :)

daniel said...

your blog is cool, check out my blog if your into fashion. and it would mean alot if you would follow me.

Heideh said...

Hi there,
that would be great, thanks so much. Still in boxes and learning my way around, trying to find cool places for cupcakes, coffee and other yummy places. Already jonesing for some good Asian food and lemon drops.
Thanks much,

Kembree said...

Email me at
I would love to suggest some fun stuff for you :)


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday - it looks like you've been having a good time! What fantastic looking cakes - please send me your friend's information when you have time: