Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fantasy Football time...

Well it officially kicked off on Thursday, but we didn't have anyone playing in our money league and this is the first year we are doing two leagues. Today will play Can't Stand Ya, who is Avery and Billy Ratliff's team in our Player's Ball league. The Memphis and OB Ballers league (ugh we need to change the stupid name) started out as a local couples league and it basically still is. We did an online draft and these are the pictures from it. The Player's Ball league consists of mainly former UT players and there are 20 teams divided into 4 divisions, it will be interesting bc its our first time picking our entire team as well as a coach! 

Julie and Mike solo without there better halfs draft alone. Team Taint Fantasy versus Team Jenkins. 

The Hudmuffins and The Tizmanian Devils

Jessica with baby Jack and Jennifer with baby Emma couldn't miss the draft and even had matching outfits although they were there to best the draft players.

Our first opponent Can't Stand Ya (Avery) and last years big winner Buckin Ballers-Ballistic Tip Bullets, ooop now Need More Cowbell (Shannon)

The ladies of Fantasy Football with Jack :)

Sean of Smokey's Bandits and Bryce "BK" Key of the BK Broilers

Julie did great drafting on her own this year..


Natalie said...

I LOVE your shirt! Where did you get it?

Kembree said...

HSUS, last year maybe..I got like 3 different styles of shirts like that. Good Luck..I have tons of Pit Bull tshirts that I love to wear. has a lot of good ones too!