Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Only one Mayoral Candidate..

So my report on the meeting Monday night is kinda, well..blah..only one Mayoral candidate came, Carol Chumney, and she came at the end of the meeting. She filled out a survey ACT (Animal Cruelty Taskforce) had given her and she checked, 'yes' on all boxes, basically stating she is concerned about the animals in the community. But no speech, nothing really..she did had out some info and gave us signs if we wanted them.

Deb Merino gave an awesome speech on Mid South Spay Neuter Services, that I am a part of now: :) Just giving the facts of how important it is to get all animals 'fixed'. 14,000 animals were put down at Memphis Animal Services last year. 14,000 too many. The ONLY way this number is going to go down is to get out in the community and spreading the word that there is a clinic that does it for cheap, under $70 cheap. And for those that can't pay that much, there are options for them, there are Grants paying for certain surgeries, etc. 

So while I didn't learn about any of the candidates, I learned more and more about getting out there and getting pets 'fixed' and controlling the pet population. 

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