Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vols Open with a huge win over WKU!!

We got up early and walked from the Marriott to the game, on our way in we ran into Jekia, her mom Judy and Mikenzie! Then Mikki stopped by...funny to run into people in such a huge crowd, especially when we were on the phone with eachother not knowing at all where eachother was, then happen to be about 10 feet from eachother in the Vol Walk crowd! Mikenzie is such a cutie isn't she!? 

I love the tradition of the Vol Walk, when the team walks to the stadium. They changed it up a little this year with the team starting at the Torchbearer statue instead of the complex and Gibbs. I have never seen the streets so crowded with such energy in the air! 

We got to Matt Beeler's tailgate we were meeting Jody and Kevin at and ran into my cousins Timmy and Teri and their kids and friends. 

Jody and the girls

There was such excitement on the field before the game!! I love going down there before kickoff and there was such a special feeling this time! The music was even as I call it "Get Crunk" music and not your traditional stuff to please the old people in the stands..

We ran into Andre Lott and Condredge down there as well. 

We had some extra field passes and got my cousin Carley and her dad Timmy on the field. They got so many good pictures that I saw they posted. 

We even saw this guy, ya Peyton Manning. There is a Letterman's room off the field for all lettermen, it is a pretty cool thing with snacks and drinks in it for the lettermen pregame. Peyton came down there for a second and got swarmed!! I so wanted to get a picture, but you know you cant always do that. So I got him taking one with some randoms..

I love our new Jumbotron, it is just soooo nice and so much bigger, much needed to keep up with the other major stadiums in the country. 

Kamron came and sat with us for awhile, we had a few empty seats around us! It was nice!! 


Nikki and Alex Hashemian came to see us, Nikki is a Senior in high school and Alex is a sophomore at UT now! So crazy, Tony 'appeared' at Alex's 13th bday party and played football with the kids. They have grown up soooo much! 

Ran into Stacey at the tailgate post game!

Tony and Mark at the new press level/club level side of the stadium. Mark was telling us that this was to all be bricked by next year, but painted to look like it now. 

Gotta love the Vol Navy!!

I love my city, Knoxville..

Sunset from Sugarwood, our backyard :)


The Ritters said...

Girl, we were right across the street from you during the Vol Walk! Too bad we didn't run into each other. When will you be in town next?

Kembree said...

I THINK the GA game..trying to sell Auburn if anyone you know needs some! email me

natasha-nolan said...

Looks like you all had a great time...we were at the beach and THANKFULLY the game was on there, too. I LOVE your dress!! We are trying to go to the GA game, too. Maybe we will see everyone there, too!!

Kembree said...

Yes, let's all try to meet up for GA, that week we can make plans...