Friday, February 6, 2009

Wine, Women and Shoes

Amy, Kelly, Lynne and I had a fabulous time at this event! Wine and Shoes, what more do you need? It was to benefit Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center. When we checked in we got a nice pair of mini chocolate pumps. We also got a 'bingo' card that we used to go around to all of the vendors. There were restaurants, wineries and shoe stores. They told us there was a special prize if we got all of our bingo spots checked. So we were on a mission. We were glad to try all of the food, wine and try on shoes. After getting through the vendors it was time for the fashion show. There were about 20 models all in black modeling the shoe stores shoes.

 I spotted a pair I had to have during the fashion show. They are Balenciaga gladiator knock offs. Mine only cost $70 instead of $1700. I got them from Crazy Beautiful. The owners were a lot of fun and told us their store was on the University of Memphis's campus. I will forsure pay them a visit.

After getting my new shoes I went to bid on the silent auction. Again, I'm becoming very lucky at getting great things at these auctions. This time I got court side seats to the Grizzlies v. Kings game on February 20th. The face value on the tickets alone are $590 each. Valet parking and dinner with wine and beer is included. I got all of this for $180! The package actually had some Rudy Gay shoes included but I saw that only me and another guy were pushing the price up (not including the guy running the auction, not fair right!?) during the bidding so we agreed to split the package bc he wanted the shoes and I really didn't care, I already had a big shoe from the Paw Prints auction. So, it was win/win. The only negative on the whole night was after getting all of our bingo spots stamped our 'prize' was a red paper clip in the shape of a heart!! Not exactly an exciting prize. 

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Angelia said...

Nice shoes!!! Sounds like a fun event