Monday, February 16, 2009

UT Recruiting Celebration

Coach Monte Kiffin signs autographs

Coach Orgeron tells recruiting stories

Coach Lane Kiffin gets the crowd excited

Go Vols! Kelly and I went to a UT Recruiting Celebration at the Hilton East last week. Lane Kiffin and some of his staff (Monte Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, Lance Thompson and Frank Wilson) were in town to celebrate our recruiting class that we signed. Looks like we got some great prospects. I used to love following recruiting when I was a Vol Hostess, I really was into which guys we signed and where the others went. 
Kiffin traveled from Knoxville, to Nashville and lastly to Memphis all in one day to get fans fired up about the season. If you weren't 'drinking the Kool-Aid'  before going to this, you are now. All three events were sell outs and the Memphis one was wild being so far from the campus. I didn't realize there were so many followers here. His father Monte and Coach Orgeron were especially entertaining with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. 
There is just such a different feeling with these coaches, they were cursing, loud and just going crazy! None of them have that old school tie to the school like we have had for the past several years. It was kinda strange for me know the previous staff personally being a Vol Hostess, then Tony playing under them. We really knew all those guys. Now, things are new, but I'm looking forward to it. Kiffin and his staff will be back on April 28th at the Hilton East for the Big Orange Caravan. 5pm Registration and silent auction begins, 6pm dinner and 6:30 speakers. $35 for this event.  The annual Orange and White game in Knoxville is on April 18th at 3pm. We plan to be at both events and share our support... GO VOLS!


Lauren said...

Get Excited!! Wasn't that your catch phrase?
I'm ready for football and warm weather!

Kembree said...

Yes, that was my catch phrase, I need to bring it back!