Friday, February 20, 2009

Go Tigers!?!?

Wednesday night we went to Ole Miss to see our Vols loose brutally to the Rebels, and tonight we have floor seats to see the Grizzlies and Kings. I can't wait. So I've seen lots of basketball recently, not mentioning Tony on the XBox NBA 2K.  But since I'm behind on posting, I'm talking Tigers. Well, Kelly and I went to my second Memphis Tigers basketball game ever last week. My friend Brett has hooked me up both times. Thanks Brett! He has suite tickets as well as the most amazing 2nd row from the floor seats. Gotta appreciate good seats no matter who is playing. Well last week we attended the Tulsa game and had a really fun time. Kelly and I were so amazed at how fun it is to watch two teams that you aren't really into when you have great seats. Well Kelly is a Tigers fan, I just try to support them, but have only ONE college team I follow, my Vols! I guess I'm glad when the Tigers do well, except against my Vols. Well of course I got some great shots at the game, so I am sharing. These seats would make any Tiger fan this post is for Sean, the biggest Tiger fan I know..Thanks again Brett!!

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