Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He's just NOT that into shooting at Panera, but Bistro Beignets, yum!

Last Friday a group of us went to see He's Just Not that Into You. I'm trying to catch up on my posts. We started a happy hour at Wasabi, yes it's back open. They haven't really skipped a beat, and they actually were not closed but a little more than a week I believe. I don't know the story behind their opening again, but its as good as ever. Same $2.50 Plum Wine at happy hour and yummy Chicken Fried Rice. From there we walked over the the movie theatre and saw the movie. There were 8 of us in the group, but we still managed to get good seating on opening night and a sold out theatre. I enjoyed the movie..not as light and humorous as I thought. Pretty serious topics actually with Memphis's own Ginnifer Godwin being the narrator and star. Justin Long, the Mac guy, plays the male lead. I didn't enjoy this movie as much as I thought, but I do think it's one to see this month. I guess seeing so many Oscar nominated films, you start comparing. And I know how silly women can be and how awful men can be, I guess I don't have to see it in a movie. After dinner, we headed over to Thai Bistro for dessert. Tony and I actually discovered the  Bistro Beignet Bites (say that 4 times fast)  a month ago and they are one of the best desserts in the city if you ask me. Tony and I actually had a photo contest after a bottle of wine. Who's picture is best?

Tony's Picture

My Picture

 The portion is huge and can be shared by many. That's what we did Friday, 3 of us split it and then Loren's son Trent finished them off. What is so strange is little did we know 2 shopping centers over, someone shot a man over a parking spot. The story varies, but basically two men pull up to Panera one in a Yukon, one in a Hummer. One with his wife, one with his kids. Some words were exchanged, some say the son urinated on the man's car. The man with his wife pulls a gun on the other and shoots and kills him. I know it is an isolated incident, but nonetheless its scary. Two white men in their 50's. Not your stereotypical gun violence in the city. No young guys in the 'Mound or North Memphis. Just two men with a lot of testosterone, well at least one. It was just so close to home. Panera is about a mile from our house and I Jazzercise in the same shopping center. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. 

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