Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bar-B-Q Shop Birthday and our 9th Stop on the Tour

Well, its been so long since my last BBQ Tour post, but I was waiting for everyone's review. We are going to Gridley's tomorrow, so I figured I better get to posting about the Bar-B-Q Shop. Courtney's birthday was January 8th and she wanted to check out the Bar-B-Q Shop to continue our tour and celebrate her day. Brett even bought Courtney a souvenir t-shirt so she would always remember her day...

Regina's Review: I lived down the street from this place back in my 20's and never at there! Always wanted to. I had the bbq sandwich on Texas toast. Never seen that before but it was quite good. I don't recall any standout flavors but I enjoyed the slaw (could taste the bell pepper, mmm) and beans also. I loved the way the bbq bologna was seared on the grill! YUM! The bbq spaghetti was not my fave-it had too many flavors and I liked it best when kept simple. I was impressed that the current owner took so much time to keep the recipes from the original. He didn't mess with a good thing! 

Brett's Review: From the cozy atmosphere and the friendly staff to the bbq sandwich and the bbq bologna the BBQ Shop hit on all cylinders. Judging by the crowd I'm not the only one who thinks so. 

Diane's Review: I thought the barbecue was just average. I liked the beans and couldn't quite identify the secret ingredient in them.  We thought it was Coke but Eric, the owner, said it wasn't. Sandwich grade almost a 3.
Randy's Review: When in Midtown Memphis and looking for a fix of  "Q", my recommendation is the Bar-B-Q Shop.  Always reliable in both quality of food and service.  The present ownership has faithfully carried on the traditions of good barbecue started by the original owners, Brady and Lil.  I am not saying that the meat and the sides are blue ribbon championship quality, but they average and above consistently. I've always been a fan of the barbecue bologna, and I was quite pleased with the pork sandwich. I'd give everything a 3.5 .  If decimals aren't acceptable, bump my score to a 4. 

Courtney's Review: I had the bbq sandwich (as usual) and thought it was just OK. The meat was tender and flavorful and I liked the Texas toast instead of the traditional bun, but I didn't care for the sauce. Both sauces (mild and hot) had the consistency of tomato paste and the hot sauce
 was just too hot, too much red pepper not enough flavor. I also tasted the bbq spaghetti and thought it had too much brown sugar in the sauce. We talked to the owner and he was very friendly and polite and gave us a little history about the restaurant. We had great service from our waitress too. 

Kembree's Review: I had heard a lot about the Bar-B-Q shop and disappointed I couldn't
find more on their history online. All I know is that they have been in business around 50 years. Original ownership has changed, the second owner is Eric, we met him and he was nice and accommodating. We told him we were on a tour, so he posed for a picture. Not any enthusiasm like Adam at Tom's. I had the bbq sandwich on Texas toast, which I really liked, bc I could taste the flavor of the meat. The seasoned fries that came with the sandwich were better than Back Yard Burgers! Loved them. I got bbq spaghetti for the table to try, it was good, a little sweet, but pretty good. I would say it was a touch to oily too. The sausage, cheese and bologna plate was really good and I would recommend getting it to try for sure. Our server was great, very friendly and tried to help us out with our questions. I would give the sandwich a 4 out of 5. I didn't like the hot sauce at all but thought the regular was good. 

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