Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love Is In the Air-Part 2

Check out Shannon's video he made from our Valentine's Party on the 12th. He did an amazing job, such a professional! Thanks Shannon!! 

Well February 14th was a lot of fun. I started the day in my Trekking Class that I am so addicted to and love. Saturdays at 7:45 am aren't ideal, but atleast I'm done early and have the rest of my day to play or relax. Valentine's Day is a special day for more reasons that the obvious. Tony gave me Lennox for Valentine's Day 5 years ago. Lennox was the best present ever! Most of you know the story, but Lennox was a total surprise and a Pit Bull!? I never would have thought I would love him and his breed so much! 

 That afternoon we went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. The commercials are on all the time as you know and Tony kept saying, "Isn't that the movie you wanna see?" Well it seems like one I'd go see with the girls, but he agreed and went. In the theatre looking around Tony noticed the 3 other guys in there. "Well...???" I know Tony was wondering what he got himself into and contemplated a nap. The movie was cute and not that girly. It was a love story and very funny. I enjoyed it more than the last chick flick. It doesn't hurt to see all the wonderful fashions. Isla Fischer is just so cute too! 

After the movie we came home and changed to go downtown. I have been reading about Silly Goose. I explained to Tony that Swig used to be in its spot, so he kept calling it The Swinging Goose. I was hoping it was good, bc that is where I chose to eat. Tony's OSI coworker and his wife were in town. They met us for a drink before their reservations at Encore. Tony and I split a flatbread (the bbq chicken) and each had a panini that were delicious. He had the Italian and I had the club. Good drinks, great atmosphere. An awesome lounge-type place for Memphis. We both really liked the Silly Goose.

Better food and cheaper stronger drinks than the old Swig. They had one nice flat screen hanging from the book shelf. We got to see some of the NBA All Star dunk contest.
Not as good this year as in the past. My favorite dunk of all time I think was Vince Carter circa 2000 (same year I met Tony) We met Vince in Cancun that year and he was a super nice guy. 

After Silly Goose, we headed over to Majestic for dessert. By this time I couldn't drink anything else, neither could Tony. He opted for coffee and I got the 'shot' of Strawberry shortcake. The bill was all of $4.30. I"m a cheap date I told Tony. I wanted to eat at a bar for Valentine's..I'm so low maintenance! :)

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