Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Does Lennox HATE our new vacuum??

well..not to discriminate on this new Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum..he hated the old one too..anyway...he keeps pushing it down with his nose like he's in a standoff! There will be a video posted soon..I promise :) I don't think Lane has anything against the vacuum. But yes, we did get suckered to buy the "Pet Hair Specialty" vacuum, and WE LOVE IT!! It was under $200 and pretty much you are gonna pay that much for a vacuum, lots are WAY more than that too. 

So for now we have to put Lennox outside when we vacuum, he just can't handle it, maybe he is jealous of our new toy :)

Here he is making sure the vacuum isn't going anywhere..


Anonymous said...

All the dogs that I have ever owned have been deathly afraid of vacuums. It must be a dog thing.

Kari in Redwood City said...

my two watch it with a weary eye whenever it is out and then do an inspection of the floor to make sure it got everything