Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to JoePa's House..

Ok, so we mainly wanted to check out Penn State to see what Northern football is all about. There is a lot of tradition there. Pat and Toni took us to Joe Paterno's house to show us that he lives in a normal neighborhood and has lived there in the same home for 40 years. I thought it was very cool that he lives in a normal neighborhood right off the street. Its a very contemporary style home and they say he has only upgraded the kitchen as well as a minor addition. He even lives next door to a public park! 

So it was so cold and rainy. It was what I would call 'fallish' cold, but forsure not shorts and flip-flops weather at all. SOOO many girls were wearing 'summerish' type clothes, it was crazy..

We had some drinks on the main drag before the game at the Lion's Den. It was a great atmosphere lots of fun people. 

After hanging out at the local bar we went to the corporate hospitality tent. They had wonderful food.  I loved the desserts they had too! 

I can't believe I had on a Happy Valley/Penn State sweatshirt, but it was cold and I was really going with the Whitehouse theme! I guess technically Happy Valley is the place, so like for UT it would be like wearing a shirt that said Smokey Mountains or Rocky Top :)

They even had Tennessee's state flower the Iris on the table for us, nice touch ;)

Well this was one of the STRANGEST things ever for me!! Since it was raining they didn't let the band on the field for pregame or halftime....What!?!? This is to oddest thing to me. If The Pride of the Southland Band didn't form the power T before the game, would be insane!! But I guess this is JoePa's house and he makes the rules...

Ya'll it was POURING!! I am so proud of us for hanging in there, I forsure didn't make it with the 'white' theme, but I was not about to get soaked! 

Before going on the field I got my picture with the mascot. He doesn't have a name, so I was like do I yell, "Hey Lion come over here!?"...

Walking out to the field...

I was TOTALLY impressed with the 12 section, 20,000 student section. They were very loud and enthusiastic the ENTIRE game. Much more than I have ever seen in Neyland Stadium. Or really in any other stadium I have ever seen. 



Emily said...! You went to the Iowa game up there?! I would have died to go to that game!!! Super jealous.

Kembree said...

Girl, where have you been? I did remember you were an Iowa fan! :)