Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Volunteers head to Happy Valley...

So instead of watching our unranked Vols take on unranked Ohio, we decided to visit our friends Toni and Pat and see #4 ranked Penn State take on conference rival Iowa.  So we flew into Harrisburg, Pa and Toni picked us up and took us to State College. We stopped for lunch in Boalsburg for lunch at Duffy's Tavern that was built in 1819, yes the Tavern was built before the church. The food was really good, so far so good. 

After stopping by their house, Toni took us on campus for a tour of all the sites. This was the WhiteHouse/WhiteOut game, so everyone in the stand were to wear white, I guess to intimidate the Iowa fans.  

After checking out the ESPN gameday set, Toni took us to the Penn State College Sports Museum.  We tried out a few of the sports props. 

Toni even took us to the Penn State bookstore so I could try the Penn State cologne and perfume as well as the new collegiate Snuggie...might have to get one of those in UT Orange!

So the students have to camp out for their tickets and it has been dubbed, "Paternoville".  We understand that one student has to remain and keep their place in line.  

Joe Paterno statue

Notice the gates with each class

The Nittany Lion statue and a true fan with her tattoo

We actually hit up some of the stores so we could get a white hoody to wear to the game, the weather kept getting cooler and cooler and I had to suck it up and buy one, but I got one that said Happy Valley instead of Penn State.  Tony couldn't understand this and got one that said Penn State. 

We even attended the Rally in the Valley at the old gym. It was very impressive with tons of students attending as well as the pep squad, the dance team, the band, the entire football team and of course Joe Paterno! 

We ended this long day at a really great spot, Inferno. We had to wait awhile to get a table to eat, but once we did, we had a wonderful time. They had an amazing DJ playing all of our favorites. We didn't dance, but did a little at our table! :)


Toni said...

We loved having you guys visit Happy Valley!

Princess said...

looks like a great trip!