Thursday, October 29, 2009

In response to dog shot in home..

Preliminary investigation reveals when the officers arrived on the scene, they attempted to check the residence for signs of a break-in. While entering the back yard, the officers noticed a dog door. While attempting to back out of the yard, they were charged by two dogs. The officers advised they had no choice but to defend themselves and each shot one time at the dogs.

Inspectional Service Bureau made the scene to conduct a full investigation. It is policy for all shootings to be investigated by ISB. This incident will be handled like any other investigation.

Memphis Police Officers ARE trained on how to be vigilant of their surroundings. They are taught how to look for signs of a dog’s presence, but still have a duty to do their job.

Due to the large volume of burglary alarms, citizens who are owners of pets can assist officers in the following ways;

· Post “Beware of Dog” or “Dog on Premises” signs near the gates on your fence.

· Advise your alarm company provider that you have an animal on the premises and make sure the alarm company relays that information to officers.

· Secure a lock on each gate

In regards to the incident that occurred today, this investigation is ongoing. An update will be available upon the conclusion of the investigation.

Major Susan Lowe
Memphis Police Department
Research & Development

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