Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I would go mouth to muzzle would you??

An AP article polled dog and cat owners if they would perform CPR on their pet if they needed. The results were 63 percent of dog owners and 53 percent of cat owners would. Wonder why its less for a cat? Aren't they a little cleaner than dogs :) 

The article also goes into pet safety when driving with their dogs, and I am very guilty of 'taking the boys for a ride'. I know its not safe but they love to get in the car. I wonder if I could get them using dog seat belts. I really need to! I also worry that our vet is now literally across the street and we will be so much further away in Lakeland. I kinda think I need a backup vet in case I need to get them their quickly..

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Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't give their pet CPR? Do they deserve to own a pet?