Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letter to the Editor-MAS problems..

Problems at the animal shelter

I adopted a dog from Memphis Animal Services Sept. 26 at the Woofstock festival in Overton Park. I was so excited about adding Carmen to our family and beginning what I hoped would be a long, loving relationship. I was wrong. Only two days later, she began to develop multiple symptoms that were diagnosed as distemper. I was home with her for three weeks, doing everything possible to save her. Five veterinarian visits and $500 later, we had to euthanize our 10-month-old, emaciated pup.

I suspect every dog adopted from Memphis Animal Shelter that day was infected with distemper and has since been euthanized, including Carmen's sister, "Trixie," who was adopted by Real Good Dog Rescue and euthanized the previous week. It appears this devastating outbreak of distemper is the result of the poor ventilation system at Memphis Animal Shelter and an inability to quarantine sick animals.

There must be a better system than the current situation at Memphis Animal Shelter. I doubt that the new shelter will solve many of the current problems, such as inadequate ventilation, as well as several additional problems inherent in poorly funded shelter situations, including poorly trained employees, insufficient protocol and a lack of post-adoption follow-up.

I am amazed that there is so little support for relatively affordable programs, such as free or low-cost spay and neuter services, that would effectively address the problem.

Reducing the number of homeless pets in Shelby County is the only reasonable solution to the current unacceptable situation, which includes an average euthanasia rate of 75 to 100 animals per day.

Barbara Standing



Leah said...

How sad. I hope ya'll can get some progress there for a better animal shelter system. :o(

Princess said...

Leah is Princess by the way...I was still signed into my other gmail account.

Kembree said...

Gotcha..ya the group I am a part of has been working hard for a year to get the authorities to do something..its a long time coming..