Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Who knew getting the flu shot would make you feel younger?

Yep, I got the flu shot today. I felt like I needed to after much pressure from friends and more and more of them getting the flu.  So I walked into Shot Nurse and they had me sign in and then handed me a colored card and directed me to a nurse. HA! They thought I was there for the H1N1 shot only given to those up to 24 years of age at this time. Yep, they thought I was 24 years old! LOVED IT! Ha..so I changed my card to the lime green one and got the 'Seasonal' Flu Shot. My arm is kinda hurting already, but its worth it if I don't get sick! 

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Wheresmydessert said...

Lol I love when stuff like that happens!