Friday, August 21, 2009

Football Reality....Child Please!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals..been a fan of Hard Knocks from the Baltimore Ravens days. This is REAL reality, no staged crap like the normal reality 'crap' I am ADDICTED to. Chad Ochocinco is so funny, I wish they would show more of him. Someone make me a Tshirt with "Child Please" on it!! PLEASE! Tank Johnson's little girls are ADORABLE! I highly recommend watching if you like football and like to see what's "behind the helmet'. And if you have HBO.

The TO Show is my other fave Football Reality show, although it is a little staged and I HATED the first episode. It's basically about TO and his two publicists/assistants, Mo and Kita. They are ok, but major HATERS on every girl TO dates. I would NEVER act like they do, I swear, when one of my guys brings around someone questionable, who cares? I mean there is no ring involved yet. I told DS that we should of had a reality show. It would have been way more exciting to watch. We have had some great times!!  I can think of one wild time in the Red Room where I was the best wing man (woman) ever with two models that were more into eachother than him..whew..if there only was a camera around! :) Same night Kid Rock was in there and anyone know I take 1000's of pics but NEVER of celebs in a club, I was taking pics of us and Kid Rock with his greasy hair and overalls came and stuck his hand in my face..hello, I wasn't even aiming your way..whatever..anyway, The last two episodes of the TO Show have been better and I'm more into it now...Its on VH1 if  you care to watch..

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