Saturday, August 8, 2009

Football Lessons, the Horseys at Shelby Farms and Driving Kembree's Car

Tony thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and show Brayden some football basics like how to throw a ball, although it was WAY to big for the little guy. 

We started the morning at the playground at Shelby Farms. We have a wonderful park, and it looks like they are going to update the playground next year. It is much needed too, but we still had a good time. 

Addison wanted to see the 'horseys' so we went over to pet them, but when she got too close, she didn't like them..We really need to go horse back riding over there when the weather gets cooler. I love that we have a great park so closeby. 

We spent the afternoon driving around looking at houses that we have been looking at and finished off the night at McDonald's for ice cream for Dad, Robert, Brayden and Addison and Emack and Bolio's for me, Tony and Mika since we have that gourmet taste for ice cream. 

The next morning the Brayden wanted to 'drive Kembree's car' so we let him, again with Addison being the passenger. I swear Brayden is going to be some kind of race car driver or something. 

Papa giving Brayden a goodbye kiss and Addison posing saying 'cheese'!

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