Thursday, August 13, 2009

#18 on the BBQ, Tops (Millington)

We visited Top's Millington location on Friday June 19th, 2009 when we discovered BarbaRosa's had a family emergency and we had already driven out to Millington. 

Tony's Review: I had the sandwich combo with the beans and slaw. It was pretty good, just a fast food feeling to it. They didn't serve ribs so I couldn't try them like I usually do. For just averageness I give the sandwich a 3. 

Kembree's Review: I was disappointed we couldn't go to one of the original Top's to try it out, but I'm sure when the T's come around again on our tour, we will revisit Top's. I thought this 

location in Millington was VERY clean and nice. The service was good and fast 

and did recommend BarbaRosa's which was our original location. The meat on the sandwich was a little dry and crunchy which is fine with me. I got the fries and onion rings as my sides. The fries were crinkle cut and good, just frozen and fried. And you know how the onion rings were, the generic Funyuns, but good. The price was great, they even offered meal deals like any other fast food would. Very fast food atmosphere, but clean and nice. I wanna redo Top's in an older more original spot when we get to the T's. I give the sandwich a 3.5.

Diane's Review:Top's Barbeque was a good experience. The restaurant was a surprise from some of the other

Top's. This one was relatively new and seemed to be clean and well-maintained. The barbeque was an old tried and true favorite of mine. The brown meat was a nice change on the sandwich which made it not as greasy as some of the other places that we've been. The slaw and beans were average. I would go back again, and I would give it a 3.5.


Randy's Review:After all is said and done with over 50 years in the barbeque business and 14 Memphis area locations, TOPS is doing it right! Not 

epicurean; not gourmet;  just good honest barbeque and burgers. There is a consistency of quality, cleanliness, and friendly service in all locations.You're never too far from a TOPS store when a "Q" attack hits.  I prefer "brown" meat and this is a term understood and served at TOPS. Their beans and slaw are average. The four "degree" range of sauces enables one to customize their meat.

 Over the years, I've probably eaten more TOPS than all the other "brands" put together, and a lot of that was in the form of TOPS six or twelve take out packs.  A score of 4 for a consistently

 good charcoal, hickory, green wood smoked sandwich at a reasonable price.

Courtney's Review: 
Tops was exactly like I thought it would be...good but not great. It seems no matter which Tops you go to the food is very dependable.  This location in Millington was pretty new so it was nice & clean. The staff was friendly, too. I had the pork sandwich with mild sauce. The meat was fine...I would have preferred more outside meat to get more of the smoked flavor. I wasn't crazy about the mild sauce...a little to much vinegar for me. They offer a sweet sauce that I tried but it is the strangest shade of looks very artificial but I actually liked it better than the mild sauce. 

Regina's Review: Tops lives up to it's 52 years! I had the pork plate here. It was wonderful bbq with lots of bark. The accompanying beans and slaw are also very good.

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