Monday, August 17, 2009

Another (Fashionable) Reason Tony and I are compatible..

So before we left Daytona Shores, Tony found out there was a Gucci Outlet in St. Augustine about an hour away and wanted to go! Tony does love his clothes and style as well as I do :) Unfortunately, the Gucci outlet was not that great. Well, I guess if I shopped Gucci regularly and came to the outlet the prices would be great, but since I rarely if ever shop Gucci, then the prices weren't that great. I mean they had some deals on some shoes for me, under $200, but they didn't look 'Gucci'. I don't mean with the Gucci label all over them, but the style was just something normal I could get at any department store. The few pairs I liked were $500 and up and I just didn't need them really. And for Tony the shoes were all small Italian sizes and they didn't have any in size 12 US. The clothes weren't any better for him either, or me for that matter. They were too tight for him, and just too much for me. I mean if I had a red carpet to walk that would be one thing..Then there were the purses. They had so many with the 'Ed Hardy-esque' style that I would not waste my money on at this point. A gorgeous red leather one I found had a hefty price tag of $2500. So no luck at Gucci, although I loved that it was Tony's idea to go. We did get some good stuff at Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole and Juicy Couture. So, the trip was worth it for sure, just not the best Gucci trip.

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