Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Living off Biscoff

I love blogging, I've been doing it a year now, but I hate it when I get behind. I was told when I wanted to blog, that since I do so much I should blog. Problem is, I get behind, bc I do so much! My niece and nephew came to see me last weekend and I still haven't posted those pictures and this past weekend we went to FL to see Tony's nephew. So lots of pictures to come, I just have to tell a crazy story from yesterday..

We flew out of Daytona Beach yesterday and as we were going down the runway when the pilot informed us we were holding on the runway for another 45 minutes or so. Well this wasn't good. I had 3 Realtors that wanted to show our house that evening. I already warned them we could be delayed and told them I would call them from our layover in Atlanta. So..I knew this wasn't good. Well when had 'pink tagged' (new term I learned for when the plane is small and your carry on won't fit, they give you a pink tag and basically check your carry on) our carry on bags and I knew we would have to wait on them once we landed. So the plan was for me to run out and check where our gate connection was. So that's what I did, but the thing is, we landed at C45 and that is where the Memphis flight was to be taking off. It even said it on the flatscreen board. But the gate agent informed me that I needed to go and get rebooked bc I would not make it to the new A34 gate in time.  When I scanned my boarding pass it had rebooked us for a 7am flight the next morning. What!? So I got on the phone and tried to get us on a flight that left that night. Tony had an important meeting in Little Rock the next morning..this was not gonna work to leave in the morning, and who wants to sleep in the airport!? So at this time we look at the board again and our original flight was delayed! So after about 15 minutes of confusion rebooking and stuff..we coulda tried to make this flight, so we stared running to the tram then to gate A34. Got to gate A34 and the plane was there, the door was closed and they wouldn't let us in.  So off to A30 for the next flight. We were 2 and 3 on the standby list and nope we didn't make it. So the next flight, two hours later, same thing 2 and 3 on the standby lilst. We beg. We plead. We HAVE to make it on this flight...we make the flight. I knew we would bc I tried to purchase a ticket on that flight and I could have for $800. Delta trying to make that extra few bucks instead of automatically confirming us on that flight, still selling tickets..ugh! 

We get on the flight get into sleepy mode, things are perfect, someone offers to move to Tony and I could sit together, he was originally behind me, but this nice man noticed that and offered. Well, I doze off and notice, we arent moving..yep I was right, soon enough, an announcement from the pilot, "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but one of our engines has blown." What!?!? So we taxied back to our gate, the mechanics assessed it and we had to go back to one gate, then another and wait on a new plane, yep. A new plane. So while we wait, the Delta representatives fed us Biscoff cookies. They put a huge box of them by the gate, they even brought us packages of them. I love Biscoff cookies and its ironic bc usually when the flight attendants are handing them out, they will only give you one package. Tonight I had handfuls of them, and sat there eating them, bc I was super hungry.  Nothing was open, and Biscoff cookies were all any of us had. So after stuffing my face with cookies for awhile, we finally boarded the plane again, and the nice man switched seats with us again. We finally landed a little after 1am and got home at 2am! Whew! 

Tony got up and left for Little Rock around 6am and I got up around 7am to clean the house for the showing we had. After picking up the dogs from the kennel and working...I am tired and craving a Biscoff cookie!!

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Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

wow - that really stinks - happy you guys got home safe

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ