Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barb A Rosa's Real Pit BBQ and Ribs #19 on the Tour

Barb A Rosa's 
7822 US 51 N.

We went to Barb A Rosa's Real Pit BBQ and Ribs on July 17, 2009. 

Courtney's Review: I thought the pork sandwich was one of the best I've had. Great flavor in the meat and I loved the mild sauce...perfect blend of brown sugar and spices. The owner gave us a taste of his new dry rub and it was delicious...reminded me of the seasoning on bbq chips...can't wait to go back and try it on some ribs. I'll definitely go back to Barb B Rosa's.  

Brett's Review: Barb-A-Rosa's was prob the best BBQ sauce we've had anywhere so far. Kind of a far drive for said sauce but good none the less. The owner, Dave Flashner, 
 has been a friend of mine for years and I've been to enough cookouts at his house to know the guy can BBQ. The only negative was the ribs. They weren't bad by any means but relative to the pulled pork and the sauce, which were awesome, they did leave a little to be desired. I would definitely recommend Barb-A-Rosa's to anyone out in the Millington area. Good luck Dave!!! I give them a 4.5/5

Diane's Review: Barb-a-Rosa's barbecue was very good. I liked the beans and so far the slaw on my sandwich was the best. The actual barbeque sandwich was tasty and I enjoyed it. They could work on the atmosphere of the place. It could use a little clean up, paint up. I would give the sandwich a 3+.

Randy's Review: Barb-a-Rosa's has been a reliable stop for "Q" in Millington for over 2 decades. Now under new ownership, perhaps there will be some positive changes. Dave, the new owner, has extensive background in both food and beverage management. The lunch plate special for 4.99 (drink included)  is one heck of a buy in the world of swine. When in the environs of Millington, this restaurant is certainly worth a stop. I give the meat a 3.5. The beans, slaw, and fries were above average.

Tony's Review: Kembree brought me back the ribs, beans and slaw. The ribs were not good. They left the fatty 'membrane' on them and they were hard to eat and not a lot of meat. The beans and slaw were just ok. I wish I could have gone and tried the other things, but I had to work. 

 I would like to go back and try the bbq after hearing all about it. 

Kembree's Review: I'm glad we made it back to Millington to try this place out. We found out the last time we tried to make it out there, the ownership was changing and that was the 'family emergency' to why it was closed that day. Its a cute 'country' type spot with auto dealership paint decals on the windows. There was a good crowd and I thought the prices were good. The music was terrible, some sort of classic rock was loudly playing and the Jesus hand painted saw on the piano was more than unique. 

As for the the actual barbeque, Wow! It was really good. I had the fries and onion rings as usual since I don't do slaw and beans.  The onion rings were homemade and great. The sandwich had a great flavor, I really enjoyed it. The pork was good and smokey and the sauce was great. He let us try the dry rub and I loved it. It is not yet on the menu, but I would love to have some of it at home, Courtney and I decided it was like BBQ chips seasoning. I would give BarbARosa's a 4 out of 5. 

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