Friday, August 7, 2009

Brayden and Addison come for a visit.

So FINALLY, my niece and nephew came to see Tony and I in Memphis..oh and my sister Mika and her husband Robert too :) My dad will go anywhere Brayden and Addison go, plus I have been giving him a hard time about coming so he showed up.  My mom was busy, so dad hopped in the car to join us. They got in Friday night so we decided to take them to the Commissary for some bbq. We still haven't done it yet on the tour, but its one of my all time faves and I know it will get high marks from the group.I love that everyone is looking in this picture (above), its so hard to work that out sometimes. Tony kept trying to get Brayden to do a 'peace' sign in every picture. Brayden is 4 and Addison is 22 months. 

Addison is a great eater, Mika said Brayden is starting to take after his Aunt Kembree and be very picky, she said he wants everything separate (like me) and no condiments (not me). I can't believe Addison was just eating all the pickles..

Brayden had fun in Tony's glasses, such a big boy!

I got the privilege of giving them a bath. So cute that they are at the age where they can still do this together and Addison wants to do EVERYTHING Brayden does..

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