Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opus and Itta Bena

Sometimes I think I shoulda been a restaurant reviewer. If I weren't so picky I might apply and moonlight as one, but I always have the chef remove things from the dish and make it my own. Recently we have been eating out a lot. I love to try new Memphis restaurants, sometimes I like to go with older ones too :) Last month we ate at two good ones. 

Opus is located in the FedEx Forum and is a buffet style restaurant that overlooks the court. It is a great place to go before the game and maybe even catch some of it if you seats aren't too good. It is located on the Club Level, but I don't think you have to have Club Level seats to eat there. We bought a package at Sip Around the World and it included dinner there. It seats 350 people, but the best seats are along the edge. They had everything from fresh seafood to Asian Cuisine to pork tenderloin and a salad to match every dish that you chose. That was my favorite. 

Itta Bena is a fun spot that doesn't do too much advertising. At first they were totally word of mouth, now I see them advertised in Skirt a lot. They even had a coupon which we used last month. We went once this summer and once last month. I would suggest going later than earlier with a reservation if you like to people watch. I know they have specials now and this is what they have. Don't hold me to it..
Sunday 2 for 1 steaks (which are delicious) 
Monday 1/2 of bottles of wine
Tuesday $30 3 course meal
I would say the last time we went the crowd was a little older, but its still a fun spot downtown. Valet is available and its in a great spot right off Beale even for just a drink. 

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