Friday, January 23, 2009

Brandy and the Grizz

Tony, his boss Daniel, a client of his and I went to the Grizzlies v. Detroit MLK game on Monday.  After parking on our way to the Forum we literally almost got ran over by Brandy. It was one of those weird moments were we were just walking along in front of the Westin and there she was in our face. She is MUCH prettier in person than I ever remember her to be. She has a great figure and a great complexion. She sang before the game and did a mini concert at halftime. She was pretty good, but I was never a huge fan. Dr. J was also honored at halftime.  We sat up pretty high, Tony's client gave us the tickets, so no complaints here! Of course the Grizz kept it close during most of the game, but ended up losing at the end. We came back to Cordova and at some yummy Osaka for dinner afterwards..

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