Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sip, Sip, Sippin on some..

We attended this year's Kidney Foundation 'Sip Around the World' at the Botanic Gardens. I totally recommend this event to anyone that loves wine and a good time. It was well worth the $65 admission.  Loren and Mike have gone the past 8 years and have always recommended it. Tony and I decided to go with them, and Avery and Mary Ruth went too. We also saw Jessica and her roommate Brittany, Patrick in from Atlanta and Peter and Beth Lucchesi. It was pretty simple, you walk in and are given a wine glass and then your off for the sampling. There were over 30 stations of 6-7 bottles of wine. So over 200 wines to sample. Wow, there is no way I could even do half of that, although I tried..Tony kept encouraging me to get smaller pours. My plan wasto start out with all the white wines and then go from there, didn't really work too well, so I just went to each table and with Loren's advice, asked for the most expensive bottle to sample. I even got some information on some of the wines, these people did know what they were talking about, but I'm not sure what I remember. This isn't the type of wine tasting where you are going to learn a lot, just drink a lot. They also had a live auction that we participated in. Got a pretty good package that included Grizzlies Tickets, dinner at Opus restaurant and brunch at Owen Brennan's. We split this package with Avery and Mary Ruth. Loren and Mike got the dinner at Felicia Suzanne's and have invited us to share this with them! We can't wait. After sampling 100's of wines we decided to move the party to Dan McGuiness. Another fun spot. We stayed there for awhile, it was packed. I like how they have it separated into a smoking side and a non smoking side. Until the next event..

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