Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well we saw it. Kinda like a 2 hour 60 minutes if you ask me. Lots of GREAT information, I learned so much, but a lot of just talking and talking. Excellent acting, but no action. I see why its up for all the awards, but I also think I would appreciate it more if I was alive at the time. I actually had some sympathy for Nixon at the end..kinda felt sorry for him a little. He was kinda portrayed as a little crazy and a little pitiful. After the movie we went and tried Rain. It is a new sushi lounge down the street. So now we have like 6 Asian themed restaurants in less than a mile from one another. I guess Asian cuisine does well in Cordova. We sure love it all. Rain opened (softly) on Tuesday and doesn't have a liquor or beer license yet. They have been waiting on that and plan on being ready for that next week. We met one of the managers, Van, he gave us the grand tour and we learned he is our neighbor..small world..

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