Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To..

Ok, so Oscar nominations were announced. I still need to see a few movies...
The Visitor (never heard of it)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (too many people say its slow!)
The Wrestler (not even released in Memphis)
Tropic Thunder (must rent)
Revolutionary Road (my parents didn't like it)
Rachel Getting Married (trying to convince Tony this isn't a chick flick)
Frozen River (never heard of it)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (not sure where I can find this)
Bonus if I see Happy Go-Lucky and In Bruges....

I like to see everything and I will do my best to see all of these by February 22nd..I will review all those that I do see on here by then..wish me luck :) 

UPDATE: Just found out Best Buy has Tropic Thunder, Frozen River, Vicky Cristina and The Visitor...

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