Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Browns at Titans

Another late post, but one I had to do..we drove to Nashville after running the 5k on December 6th..My client/close college friend Donte' Stallworth was in state to play the Titans. We also got to see Jamal who is actually one of the people and reasons Tony and I met. We got to the hotel in time to see the SEC Championship and then get a quick dinner with Donte'. It was really good to see him, he is a busy, busy guy and I don't get to see him as much as I'd like. I was excited to be a Browns fan that day, it was really easy considering how much orange I have, and adding brown to it made a cute fall look. We were so heckled by mainly the staff LP Field, funny bc we most of the time would root for the Titans. We ended up getting sideline passes, but it was so cold and hard to see, so after chatting with everyone (and Tony knows everyone!) we went up to our seats and sat there freezing...Kamron and his friend Tonya were there too, so we actually stood in the breezeway area most of the time so we could be in the sun! After the game we went to a cute bar packed with Steeler's fans watching the Pittsburg/Dallas game. Nice little over night trip. 

At Cheesecake Factory
No makeup, but wanted a pic with my cute jersey!
On the pedestrian walkway
With Jamal before the game
In the SUN...

Stadium View

Tonya and I with the reindeer horses

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