Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Cold Run, but for a good cause...

I finally got Tony to run another 5k since the Firecracker on July 3rd. He isn't much into running at a slow pace for three miles, he would rather run and stop for awhile, and that's what he did for this run. He said he was waiting on me so we could finish together, which he did. Belinda, Loren and Julie and Greg ran too. I always like running this race bc it is for such a good cause. Last year a group of us ran the half marathon and I was a little sentimental THINKING, just thinking about doing it again, but it is just so physically hard to do! I don't think my lungs are cut out for that much running at one time. This year,  I wanted to make sure we got some good pictures after the race, so I ran with my camera in the back pocket of my pants. NOT a good idea, bc the weight of the camera was slowing draggin my pants down, thank goodness I had on a pair of tights underneath.  So I had to get my drawstring tied and after that I was good, but not an easy task in gloves. After we ran we thawed out in the Peabody lobby and took some "Christmas Card" photos by the tree.  

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